6 common marketing mistakes

6 common marketing mistakes

Rushing into marketing to promote a business and get it on its feet may seem like the best way to build your eCommerce brand. However, without proper planning and consideration a marketing campaign can run your business into the ground before it even gets started. Avoid this unfortunate fate by taking to time to ensure you have a well thought out marketing plan and content creation strategy and plan in advance to avoid the most common mistakes many make when marketing their brand below.

Not testing performance

Not every advert you create is going to be perfect first time, so investing in an advert before you have had a go at testing its performance is incredibly risky. This is because it may not encourage the kind of engagement you expected, it may not get its message across as well as it should’ve or it may just not perform very well over all. There are many reasons an advert could under perform, from the quality of its content to the places it is posted it so for this reason it is worth testing your adverts on a smaller scale before they are put live to your audience. That way, you can choose an advert that has proven itself to be effective and save yourself some money promoting under performing adverts on a large scale. It is worth trying multiple different advert ideas in unison and tracking results to see which one performs best for continuous use. Your personal favourite ad may not be the best one, but for the sake of conversions it is worth abandoning your own views in place of those of the audience you are trying to sell to.

Creating content you want

It makes complete sense for your company to be happy with the marketing material you create to put out in the public eye, but your approval is not all that matters. You may create an  advert that suits your brand perfectly, incorporating its logo and colour scheme, it may even look amazing and say exactly what you want it to but that does not mean that it is destined to perform well. Even the best advert you can think of may be useless to you if it does not connect with your intended audience. Instead, try creating content with your audience in mind, tailoring it to them and what they are looking for in a service. Give them the information they are asking for in language they can relate to, using imagery that will capture their attention regularly and appropriately. This way you create content that your audience are happy to interact with and personally like, rather than content that is solely based around what your company wants. This will bring in more interest and entertain the people it is meant to be reaching, rather than just the people who created it.

No clear message

Every advert in a marketing campaign you create needs to have a clear purpose or message, influencing its audience to perform whatever action you require. Any piece of marketing content can be aesthetically pleasing but also hold no valuable information, which is where it looses interest and possible conversions. The most important piece of information to have in many content is a clear call to action, as without one your audience are left at a loss with that they should be doing with their advert and what they would get out of clicking on it. Losing you both click throughs and engagement and leaving your adverts vulnerable to being ignored by those who it applies to. So make sure all of your adverts have some effective text outlining the purpose of your advertisement and a clear call to action, whether this be text based or in the form of a button. There are many kinds of call to action, some of the most common including ‘Start your free trial’ and ‘Find it here’. The purpose of such text is to let your audience know what to expect and encourage them into the desired action of clicking onto your adverts.

Not investing enough

Although it is beneficial to your budget and may be successful on a small scale, not all marketing can be done for free. To have a campaign that achieves more it is worth investing some money into your marketing for a better return on your investment. However it is crucial when putting money into marketing that you are choosing the right things to put your money into. Research the best channels for your company to advertise on based on your key audience and where they tend to be found more frequently online, also look into the forms of advertising your competitors have used on each of these places that connected well with the kind of audience you are trying to reach. Once you have a good idea of the right type of content to create and the right places to showcase it you should be okay to start putting your money into it, if your conclusions were right. If you choose the most effective way to market then the money you put into your advertisements will not be missed, not only because less will be used on wasted adverts and uninterested clients, but also because your better performing ads will pay you better.

Only being promotional

This mistake is especially common when businesses are using social media to promote their business. Only being promotional essentially means that all of your posts and content is solely about your products and offers no other kind of valuable information that your audience may enjoy. This means putting up posts and ads that talk about your products, services and prices and not much else. Doing this is likely to drive any interest you generate around your company away as no customer of any brand wants to be sold to all the time, every time they pick up their phone or other device. Instead, create content that is beneficial to them as well as you, making it informational in an entertaining way that your audience will enjoy. Be sure content suits your audience completely, take the time to research what common searches are online related to your industry and answer the questions you find there or even find questions in the comment sections of your blogs and social media pages if you have any. The use of this content does not mean that you have to abandon promotional content completely, it just means that a good balance of entertaining and promotional content needs to be found for your company. More often than not it is the more engaging content that needs to make a larger appearance, with an occasional sales related post.

Not checking results

While running a marketing campaign it can be easy to look at what seems to be a well performing advert and let it continue to run without supervision, but this is not advised. Every piece of content you publish should be monitored effectively to check just how well it is actually being received by your audience. You may be getting a lot of click throughs on your advertising campaign, but are those click throughs creating big enough conversions to make up for the money you put into the advert to be worth it? If you are spending more than you are bringing in, it may be that the seemingly well performing advert is actually not that good, it could even possibly be misleading which would explain the lack of conversions from those who click through. To be sure you are getting a decent ROI within your marketing campaigns, keep a close eye on any analytics you can get your hands on to evaluate the effectiveness of your content. This kind of data can be obtained for anything such as search engines, social platforms and your own website, so there is nothing you will not know about your campaign that may give you a new perspective on your success. Take the time to sit down and go through the set of data you gain from your analytics to check your campaign’s performance against your expectations and keep it on track.

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