SKU Feeds Affiliate Program

Terms of Service – SKU Feeds Affiliate Program

SKU Feeds is owned and operated by 5M Solutions Ltd. any reference to “SKU Feeds” relates to both SKU Feeds and 5M Solutions Ltd.

By signing up to be an Affiliate of SKU Feeds in the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program you are agreeing to the acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

SKU Feeds reserves the right to update and make changes to the Terms and Conditions without notice. Any new features which develop or enhance the current affiliate program including the release of new creatives and tools will be subject to these terms and conditions. Continued use of the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program after such changes have been implemented will automatically include your consent to such changes.

Violation of any terms and conditions outlined below will result in the discontinuation of your Affiliate Account. Any outstanding affiliate commission payments earned during the period of violation will be withheld by SKU Feeds and will not be funded to your account.

You hereby agree to use the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program at your own risk.

Account Terms

  1. Accounts registered by automated methods including “bots” are not permitted and will be rejected.
  2. You must provide your full legal name and a valid email address in order to complete the sign-up process. You must provide honest and truthful information when asked during the signup process.
  3. As an SKU Feeds Affiliate Member you are responsible for all content which is posted under your account (this includes content posted by others who have sub-accounts or access to your account.)
  4. As an SKU Feeds Affiliate Member, you are responsible for any activity which occurs under your account (this includes activity of sub-accounts and people with access to your account.)
  5. The use of the Affiliate Programme for illegal or unauthorised purposes is strictly prohibited. During the use of the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program you must not violate any laws within your jurisdiction (this includes but is not limited by copyright laws.)
  6. Self Referral is strictly prohibited. You must not use the SKU Feeds Affiliate Programme to earn commissions from your own subscriptions on SKU Feeds.

Customer Definition

Customers who purchase services through the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program will be deemed as a customer of SKU Feeds. Therefore all of our rules, policies, and procedures of operation concerning orders, services and sales will apply to such customers. We have the right to change and update our policies and procedures of operations at any given time. This includes the prices of services sold under the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program in accordance to our own pricing rules. Costs of Services and availability are open to change at any given time, we therefore request you do not display the costs of services on your website. SKU Feeds will use reasonable commercial efforts to continually present accurate information, however we can not guarantee the price or availability of a particular service or product.

Identifying yourself as a SKU Feeds Affiliate

As a SKU Feeds Affiliate, you are strictly prohibited from any press release with respect to this outlined Agreement or of your participation as a member of the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program. Such actions will result in the termination of your Affiliate Account and your removal from the program. In addition to this, you are strictly prohibited from the misrepresentation or embellishment of the relationship between SKU Feeds and yourself. This includes claiming you developed any SKU Feeds Services, claiming you are part of SKU Feeds, expressing or otherwise implying your affiliation with SKU Feeds and any other person or entity unless those expressingly permitted by this Agreement (this includes expressing or implying that SKU Feeds support, sponsor, endorse or otherwise contribute money to any charity or cause).

You are prohibited to the purchase of products or services through your affiliate link for your own use. Such purchases will result in the withholding of any referral fees or other commissions earned and the termination of your Affiliate Account.

Your Responsibilities as an SKU Feeds Affiliate

As an SKU Feeds Affiliate you are solely responsible for all development, operations and maintenance of your website and for all content/materials which appear on your website. You are solely responsible for the following examples:

  • The technical operations of your website and all related content and equipment.
  • Ensuring that the display of Special Links on your website do not violate any agreements between yourself and any third party (this includes any restrictions or agreements placed upon yourself by a third party which hosts your website)
  • The clear, truthful and accurate representation of any materials posted on your website (this includes all product related materials and any information which is included within or associated with such Special Links).
  • Ensuring that all materials posted on your website are not derogatory or otherwise illegal.
  • Ensuring that your website accurately and clearly discloses (through the use of a privacy policy or other means) how you collect, use, store and disclose data collected from visitors, including where applicable that third parties or advertisers may collect information directly from visitors or serve content/advertisements. This includes the placement of cookies on visitor browsers.

Recurring Commissions and Cookie Duration

The commissions are generated from a set percentage of the fee(s) that a customer has paid to SKU Feeds. Commissions are only earned once a customer has made a payment to SKU Feeds. The cancellation of a customer account or subscription will affect your eligibility of any future recurring commissions.

In order to be eligible to earn a commission fee a customer must sign-up and purchase for one of the paid SKU Feeds subscription services within 40 days of first visiting SKU Feeds through an Affiliate Link from your website, email or other form of communication/promotional method.

Recurring commissions are eligible during the period of which SKU Feeds collects a monthly subscription fee from the referred customer. Cancellation or failed payment of a customer subscription will result in the cease of future commissions for given referred customer.

In the event of a customer refund for the first month’s bill all commissions will be void. SKU Feeds reserves the right to disqualify commissions and terminate affiliate accounts for the repeated request of refunds from referred customers.

SKU Feeds possess the right to decrease the commission structure at our discretion. Affiliates will be notified of such decreases to the commission structure 30 days prior to such change. Any commissions earned prior to or during the 30 days notice will be paid under the previous commission structure. Any commissions earned after the 30 days notice will be paid under the decreased commission structure.

SKU Feeds reserve the right to reject any commissions believed to be earned through fraudulent, misleading marketing methods or any other forms of illegal activity.

All affiliate payments will be paid via PayPal and will fall under the payment terms and conditions of PayPal.

Trademark and Search Engine Marketing

SKU Feeds is a tradename of 5M Solutions Ltd.

SKU Feeds Affiliates are prohibited from bidding on any tradenames and branded terms, including the misspellings or variations including (but not limited to); SKU Feeds, and Such use of tradenames or branded terms within longtail keywords is also prohibited, however this may be allowed with permission from SKU Feeds. For inquiries or to request permission please contact the Affiliate Manager at

SKU Feeds Affiliates are strictly prohibited from the use of or as a display URL within any Search Advertisement. The use of or any variations is allowed in the display advertisements ONLY after following the root URL (example:

SKU Feeds Affiliates are strictly prohibited from the use of any illegal, misleading or deceptive claims in ad copy. The use of such terms including “Official Site” or other tradename symbols are strictly prohibited from use in ad copy. SKU Feeds Affiliates are strictly prohibited from the inclusion of SKU Feeds or any other forms of misspelling or variation within ad copy.

SKU Feeds Affiliates MUST NOT bid on any tradenamed terms, variations or misspellings of such terms. All other terms are free to bid on. If you have any questions regarding a planned campaign or require help with a planned campaign please contact your Affiliate Manager at

Website Content and Domain Names

SKU Feeds Affiliates are strictly prohibited from the purchase or registration of any domain names including the terms SKU Feeds or any variations or misspellings of such terms. Promotion of SKU Feeds in such manner will lead to affiliate account termination and immediate removal from the SKU Feeds Affiliate Programme. All associated transactions with the account will be reversed. The use of SKU Feeds as a sub-domain is not allowed (example: However it may be used as a directory of your current domain (example:

The promotion of SKU Feeds on websites which contain any forms of illegal, obscene, derogatory, misleading or otherwise deemed offensive to SKU Feeds is strictly prohibited. Blogs which do not include content, faulty websites or unused domains will not be accepted as valid promotion of SKU Feeds and therefore will not be accepted to the SKU Feeds Affiliate Programme. All websites/blogs will be examined upon sign-up request and will be rejected if deemed unacceptable in any form.

Coupons and Promotional Codes

The use of coupons and other promotional codes by Affiliates is allowed, but only when exclusively provided through the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program.

The use and promotion of coupons or other promotional codes sourced from Non-Affiliate Program marketing such as email promotions is strictly prohibited.

The use or promotion of coupons or other promotional codes which have been exclusively offered to other affiliates is strictly prohibited. This includes the un-authorised copying of another affiliates exclusive promotional content. If you would like more information on custom affiliate content please contact your Affiliate Manager at

Compliance with the Law

Your participation in the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program is subject to the following conditions. You agree that as a member of the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program you will comply with all laws, regulations, rules, orders, licenses, judgements, permits and all other requirements set by any governmental authority that has jurisdiction over you. This applies to any laws which are already in effect or that will come into effect during your participation with the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program. A further condition of your participation with the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program is the acceptance of all (federal, state or other) laws which govern marketing methods and emails including (but not with limitation) the CAN-SPAM Act (2003) and other such anti-spam laws. Spam marketing is not accepted as a form of promotion by SKU Feeds and if discovered will consequence in the account termination and removal from the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program.

Terms of the Agreement and Program

Upon acceptance to the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program until the moment of termination (by either parties) the following terms of this agreement will apply. SKU Feeds and the account holder both have the right to terminate this agreement at anytime, with or without reason. This will be done through the form of suitable notice to the other party. Upon termination from the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program you are immediately responsible for the removal and discontinued use of ALL affiliate links, trademarks, logos and other materials provided by or on behalf of SKU Feeds during the participation of the Affiliate Program.


SKU Feeds holds the right to suspend, terminate or refuse any and all current or future use of the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program at any time, with or without reason. The termination of the service will result in the immediate deletion of your account and any forms of access to your account. Termination or removal from the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program will equal in the forfeiting or relinquishing of all “pending” commissions on your account if they were earned through illegal, fraudulent or other forms of unacceptable marketing methods. SKU Feeds holds and reserves all rights to refuse our services to anyone for any given reason at any given time.

Party Relationships

SKU Feeds and Affiliate Members are both independent parties. Nothing within this agreement will create any form of partnership, franchise, joint venture or employment relationships between the two parties. As a member of the SKU Feeds Program you have no authority or rights to make or accept any forms of offers or representation on our behalf. The making and production of statements (on your website or otherwise) that reasonably contradict anything outlined within this agreement is strictly prohibited.

Limitations of Liability

SKU Feeds will not be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages (or loss of revenue, profit or data) as result of the connection with this agreement or the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program. This applies even in the event of notification or advice regarding such damages. With respect to this agreement and the SKU Feeds Affiliate Program our aggregate liability will not exceed the total referral fees paid or payable to you under this agreement.


SKU Feeds makes no express or otherwise implied warranties or representations with respect to the Affiliate Program or any products sold through the Program. Including any implied warranties following as a course of performance, dealings or trade usage. SKU Feeds makes no representations that the operations of Product Sites within or otherwise related to SKU Feeds will remain uninterrupted or error-free. SKU Feeds will not be held responsible or be liable for the consequences of any such interruptions or errors.

Independent Investigation



The Terms of Service establishes the entire agreements between SKU Feeds and yourself and governs the use of the outlined service(s). This overrides any prior agreements between SKU Feeds and yourself (including but not limited to any previous versions of the Terms of Service).

SKU Feeds Affiliate Program Terms of Service – SKU Feeds (2017).