Benefits of content sharing – Guest Posting

Benefits of content sharing – Guest Posting

Guest Posting

In the last post we covered sharing content over social media profiles. But sharing your own and others content on social media is not the only option for getting your content seen and shared, there is also the option of guest posting.

If you’re not a keen fan of social media, then you can try promoting your name on other blogs by contributing to them with new work, this is called guest posting. The idea is to find a blog similar, but not with the same goals, as yours and ask / offer to write a post for their blog. The post must be original as having a post that is also found on your site defeats the object of having it on there. The exposure of having your name on another blog can bring in some good traffic to your website if you state what it is or provide a link. The better the website the better to chances of gaining some traffic, as you are likely to get a sample of traffic from them only and if their blog only gets a couple hundred views a month chances are you won’t get many of them to read your article and click through to your page. For more guarantee make sure the website is similar to yours, but as with content sharing be sure they are not a competitor of yours. Doing this is crucial because it means the blog’s audience will already be targeted toward your specific niche and allows you to tap into possible customers who otherwise would not have found you. Also, the more reputable the website is, the higher quality of a name you make for yourself but the same goes for untrustworthy blogs as if the blog is highly untrusted so will your brand be for contributing. With low quality blogs you are better off keeping your content to your own blog.

Having your name and backlinks on these kind of reputable blogs helps greatly with your SEO, the best part is depending on which blog you choose to approach there won’t be much investment required, however some do charge for the privilege. These posts lift your SEO rankings because your brand is now tied in with a larger website via your link, whether in the article or author bio. As well as this, because of the credibility of the blog the backlinks will be trustworthy with search engines absolutely love as they feel it makes you more of a reputable name if other trusted companies are recommending and happy to link with you. Overall backlinks make your website / blog look a little more established, which could set up a more healthy future working with other blogs and companies as you will have more to bring to the table, your brand will be mentioned more often in rankings resulting in your name being tied in with the themes you are linked to, meaning even more search results will come up for you when someone types in the relevant keywords and phrases.

Having your name on multiple websites as well as your own helps build trust between you and your readers as it makes you seem like a more reliable source on information, meaning your content will end up being more trusted and credible in your industry. Overall being involved with top ranking blogs makes you look good, it can even help you become a respected expert in your field if you take on advice from the blogs you are posting on and adapt your work accordingly. Doing this may not be attractive to many writers, but it is sometimes surprising how often you look over repeated phrases or overused techniques in your writing style. Also, taking the time to look through their blog and take in their content can expand your knowledge on the subjects you write about, keep notes and find out things you didn’t previously know to build up a little more credibility. Once you have a near flawless knowledge of your sector it’ll be hard for you not to become a respected member of the blogging community.

Not only does your knowledge grow but so does your brand, as the extra exposure builds a little more brand awareness for your company. This is due to the fact that the blog you are posting on has regular readers, ones that are much more specialised and much more likely to stumble across your post while reading their favourite blogs new content. Not all of these readers will be interested enough to give your post a dedicated read, but those who do and find themselves enjoying it will likely look for its original source, you! It’ll be obvious that your post is not by the main blogger of that site, simply because many blogs who offer guest posts label them as such, or sometimes they will label them as a ‘sponsored post’ which again just separates your work from theirs. Be sure to add a link to your blog or website in your article for these readers to follow so they can find you, the likelihood is if you don’t they won’t be interested in searching the web to find you themselves. The link can be displayed in the post itself, or in you author bio. Taking advantage of this audience is an opportunity not to miss, as you are unlikely to find such a targeted audience anywhere else that will thoroughly be interested in and explore your brand.

It also gives you a chance to get to know your customers better and give them what they’re asking for. Doing so is easy by checking comments and an overall judgement of how your post was received. Adapt to any comments made, whether negative or positive by giving them less of what they hated and more of what they liked. Any improvements and changes in future posts will go a long way in making your readers happy, especially if you begin creating content like your more favoured articles. Creating this kind of tailored approach means that all of your readers will continuously be pleased with what you have to offer them.

The same can be said about having guest authors on your own blog. As you will be able to get to know other bloggers / businesses and build up a solid relationship with them. Also, asking a blog to write for you increases the chance of them returning the favour and letting you write on theirs too. You traffic will also be increased as their audience are sure to follow wherever the author’s name is mentioned, so make the most of all the extra traffic by inviting other authors to contribute to your work. Above all it will make your blog less about your brand, and more about the quality of information you can provide, the content will vary more which will give your readers some new things to check out, rather than hearing the same voice and viewpoint in every post they find. Sometimes it’s good to hear a fresh opinion on things, who knows they may have ideas you’d never even thought of and now those ideas are displayed promptly on your blog.

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