Benefits of content sharing – Social Sharing

Benefits of content sharing – Social Sharing

Getting your blog content seen can be difficult, whether you write engaging anecdotes or in depth informational pieces, there is no sure fire way to get your content to the right people. Many of the wrong people are likely to see it, and whether you have an eCommerce website to accompany it or not, you cannot change this. Other than expensive promotion and advertising, across two posts this blog will explain two of the options you have to get your name out there and they can be pretty helpful

Sharing Content

Using the likes of social media to promote and share your website blog content could not be easier, and when done right it can give out huge reward. Not only does it get you to reach a larger audience, it doesn’t have to cost a thing. Platforms such as Facebook have helpful analytics that track all interaction with your posts and let you keep an eye on it as it progresses and evolves. Any feedback you receive such as comments or likes are instant, which is helpful if they are pointing out an issue in your post or blog as you can sort it straight away. Another benefit of knowing when your followers have interacted with your post is that it means your business can interact with them directly by replying or sending them a personal email. When done properly and for long enough this will start to build a friendship between you and your customers as it lets them know you are not just a faceless brand and rather a personality. This technique is used by many companies to build up more solid and informative base for their social media and as extra exposure for their extra content, even SKU Feeds blogs can be seen shared across our social media platforms as an extra way of getting them to our readers.

This interaction and relationship can also help people find your post and business. This is because the more people who like and share your content, the more people see it in their timeline. Effectively this brings your audience to you, but you cannot solely rely on this. You may need to put some time and money into boosting and targeting your posts destinations, such as choosing for it to be promoted to a specific demographic of people which could lead to more views as readers are more likely to view your content if it correlates with their interests or age range. These people can then share your content even further, bringing in more new views and more new people, the possibilities of social media sharing are endless. These shares are likely to rack up opinions in the comment section of your post, be sure to answer as many of them as possible, ideally all of them! As having conversations with your customers can give you a better idea of what they want to be seeing and what the downfalls of your articles are. Allowing you to work on adapting your content to meet their needs and interests, the more specialised and interesting your content is, the more readers you will pull in.

The better you do at getting your content shared throughout social media platforms the more chance you have of showing higher on search engines for things related to your post and brand. New content tends to be crawled by search engines a lot faster than a new page on your website will be, meaning the results you get from being mentioned and spoken about will become apparent much sooner. This is applicable as long as your social media posts about your blog contain a link to the article you are talking to.

Sharing your own content can establish your as a talented source of reliable information, but sometimes not having everything about yourself can be beneficial. Occasionally sharing someone else’s content on your profile can have many of the same benefits of sharing your own as well as a few extra. Doing this may seem like you are simply promoting someone else’s content, and while your source will still get exposure from you doing so, you will also take some on the credit as readers will see your brand name before the company you are sharing from, as long as you don’t do this too often no attention should be drawn away from your blog for too long. Even if it does, sometimes you may get lucky and the company whose content you shared could return the favour, either by mentioning you in a thank you post or even sharing some of your content to their page, which will end up giving you even more exposure. Using popular companies and peoples content rather than lesser known ones will get you some more views, as their name being in you post will encourage yours to show up when that name is searched for, even though you are not them personally. This means that some of their audience will pick up on you and possibly come over to your page to have a look.

The only main rules to make sharing others content successful is to be sure the content you are sharing is relevant enough to whet your company does for you current followers to find i interesting and engaging. However desperately you are searching for content to share never share content from a competitor, as you will simply be creating more competition for yourself. Instead try and share from informational blogs or websites, who solely focus on words rather than actually selling the products you do. When done right sharing others content can help reassure your followers that your business is not just all about itself, it can also build better relationships with other companies that can be utilised in the future for favours that will boost both of your popularity even more, giving you a much more stable plan moving forward. These connections help build your brand a bigger more trustworthy name and can even run over from one platform to another, for example, adding a company you shared content for over Facebook onto your LinkedIn business profile to keep in touch.

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