Benefits of online product reviews

Benefits of online product reviews

It is uncommon for customers not to check the quality and authenticity of an item before purchasing it offline. They want to be assured that whatever they are buying will be exactly what they expected, from the colour and material right down the dimensions and this goes for most kinds of item. So how can you convince them that all the information on your product pages is legitimate and also make the product sound great at the same time? The answer is, you can only do so much to convince them, the rest is up to your past shoppers to vouch for your product and tell everyone how great it is. There are many ways your customer can do this, whether through social media or blogs. But many eCommerce sites like to keep these recommendations right on their own pages, so they incorporate product reviews.

Reliable recommendations

Customer reviews should hopefully leave you with a decent store of reliable reviews from real people. They will talk about anything from the quality of your items to the time it took for them to be delivered safely. As these opinions are honest they may talk about how great your service was and how they cannot fault you in any way, but they may also be open with any issues they had with your service, however small. A key thing that will help boost the opinion of your business is if the review say that the item is exactly what they are expecting, as this means that your own website descriptions are 100% truthful. This can lead to customers putting more trust in your other product descriptions and making purchases without having to scroll through enough reviews to put their mind at rest. Of course all of the reviews posted are there for other potential customers to read so it can lend a hand in their decision making. Where your product reviews lie heavily in the appearance of your product, such as on clothing items, try to encourage those who leave a review to leave a photo so new shoppers can see what the item looks like when it arrives at someone’s home. As product images on the internet don’t always speak the truth about an item.

Increased conversions

More than likely people will be unsure about buying a new product from offline when it is something they have never purchased before. This is especially true if they do not know of your brand and are shopping with you for the first time. This is where product reviews come in, as they are reliable potential customer will usually find that reading through others comments on their experiences will help them make a decision about shopping themselves. So if your service is good and your comments reflect so, customers that are on the edge about making a purchase likely will decide to make one with you. However if your service has had some bad reviews, deal with them appropriately instead of deleting them. Reply to the user and offer them a solution to whatever their issue is and demonstrate that even if there is a problem with a customer’s order you are a company that is ready and happy to help. This kind of service builds trust in a customer that whatever happens they will be no worse off from purchasing with your brand. Overall honest comments will be trusted as the users will not be blatantly trying to sell products for you and simple, good comments will give a person more reason to buy. Especially if they read something they wanted to hear about your product that you couldn’t put in the description, such as quality once used.

Open and honest criticism

Product reviews not only allow other potential customers to get to know your company better, but also you yourselves. As they give a direct insight into what people think of both you and your products. They can tell you if your delivery times are slower than expected or up to scratch with their expectations or whether the product quality was lower than you advertised or matched its description perfectly. They can also indicate issues with your company’s internal systems, such as customers receiving the wrong items in their packages, as if this happens frequently you know there may be a need for an internal system change. But they not only tell you about the performance of your company, they also tell you what products are working well for you. By checking reviews on products and finding which and consistently adored and which are commonly disliked you can figure out which products are your best. When you utilise this feedback to its full potential it can help your company identify its strengths and weaknesses, how you deal with them decides how effective they were for you. Take on criticisms such as slow delivery times and try to speed them up, addressing issues that have openly been spoken about frequently is a great way to show customers that you have been listening to them when they talk to you. The same goes for good reviews, if they compliment a piece of your service do your best to keep it at that high standard without getting complacent, thank them for their good review and make their voice feel appreciated.

Better relationships with customers

Another great benefit of product reviews is the improved relationships your company will build with its customers. These build because when customers comment on reviews with questions they have, someone from your company is able to reply to them quickly and help them out. You will also be able to thank customers for their good reviews or help advise them on products when they are stuck between two. Giving them this kind of conversations stops your brand from feeling like a business and more like a helping hand, there to aid them rather than to simply sell. It also acts as a gateway for you to take in their opinions and personalise your messages to them rather than sending out copy and paste replies to each customer, which do become obviously copied very quickly. For new customers, even watching you interact with your current shoppers will aid in building a sense of trust in your brand for them, and if reviews are good to accompany this helpful conversation they will be more likely to make a purchase. Of course this does not mean that all of your reviews have to be good, sometimes a mixture of good and bad evokes trust as they can be assured you are not deleting comments based on what suits you, instead they will look for how you dealt with bad reviews when they occurred. Overall being a friendly, open and heavily reviewed brand will put more confidence in new and old shoppers alike when they buy from you, as they can guarantee their purchase will work out well, whether it experiences small issues or not.

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