Benefits of using Google Shopping

Benefits of using Google Shopping

It’s easy to see why a business may feel that if it already has a well performing eCommerce website that they would not need Google Shopping. After all, their website it’s doing just fine on its own so why would they have to add their products onto another platform to get them to sell? But this is not the case, Google shopping is much more than just another shopping platform, as it is integrated with its search engine. It effectively acts as a separate form of advertising that shows up through google and targets those who search for the names of products that may appear in a business’s Google shopping catalogue, or directly ask where is best to buy a certain item. So if you are involved in one of the many business who underestimate the potential of Google shopping, it may be worth looking at the benefits it could provide for your online sales before dismissing it completely and potentially missing out.

It is incredibly popular with your customers

Being the most popular and most frequently used search engine, you cannot deny the huge following that google has built for itself. Whether you personally like the search engine or not, a incredibly amount of internet users across the globe use it to find a quick answer for anything they need online, and lately to find any product they desire too. Coming as standard on a lot of android phones means that the search engine giant can be found absolutely everywhere you look, on both mobile and desktop devices. This wide range of use means that it is likely being used by every kind of person you can find upon this planet, whether they may be young or old, into playing music or golf. So whatever your ideal customer may be you can find them through google. With such a huge range of users, how could you possibly ignore this opportunity for your business, especially when not taking advantage of it could be losing you customers and sales.

You are not restricted to text only adverts

Unlike when using Google adwords, Shopping allows you to use images in your product listings and adverts instead of just text. This means that both your product photo and its name and description will be displayed to the audience making searches for your items in Google. This information will come from what you have provided, so will be correct to match what is shown on your website, so optimising your text and making it as to the point and attractive as possible is crucial to making sure it gets as much attention as possible. This is a benefit because photos draw the eye quicker than a piece of text, meaning more customers are likely to notice your listing out a dozen because of it having an easily accessible image. They would then move on the to accompanying text such as its title, brand and price and make a more in depth evaluation of your product. Another benefit of having a photo is that potential customer can decide whether they like the look of your item before they click through to your website for purchase, which is not possible with strictly text ads. This means that their decision on its appearance is already made before clicking through, meaning it is more likely that they are already showing interest in what they have seen of you so far and are looking for extra information before purchasing. Commonly meaning they are more likely to buy than those who blindly entered you site through a text link.
Listings are not only shown in one place

Commonly with many forms of products listings and advertisements, whatever you put up has a set place to be in and will not move from it. This is not the case in Google Shopping however, which is yet another benefit of the service. This is because the listing you put up on Google Shopping will not only be showed in the shopping section of the website which displays all listed products from multiple sources that match a search, but also in the general search section too, although it may not have as many hits when displayed there. When displayed through normal search, shopping reasult sit at the top in a carousel of their own, ready to be flicked through by those who were intending to shop through their search. The carousel sits above other adverts such as PPC and shows more results per page than it would for any other kind of visual advertising. This is because the carousel at the top of the page shows a selection of the top, most relevant products that relate to the browser users entered search. You don’t have to worry about your images getting lost within the normal results of the search either, as not only are they in their own carousel, but they are often labelled as ‘Shopping’ results and kept in an entirely separate box above all other results. Meaning that they will be the first thing seen on a results page after a search has been entered.

You are able to advertise multiple products at once

Finally, the best benefit of them all for companies with larger product catalogues is that you can list multiple products at once. Adverts do not be confined to a set for each individual product like they would have to for many other forms of advertising. Instead you can add a large inventory of products at once and best of all it’s easy to upload and tailor them in the way you want. This is because all information comes from the data you provide from your website, so if the data on your site is correct, you Google Shopping listings are going to be right too. The great thing about being able to list so many individual products onto the platform is that you have more chance of bringing in customers if you have a wider range of your products featured online, as not every customer will be looking for the same five products you sell. Instead list a wider inventory and see where it could get you. Another great thing that larger companies will no doubt love, is that listings are automatically updated by Google as frequently as each night to ensure that all of your listings are up to date. For example, if your website runs out of stock on a particular item it will be removed from Google Shopping bids so you will not be paying for an advert on a product noone can buy. The same goes for discontinued products that are removed from the site, their listing will also be removed from the public eye. This is great because not only does it mean all of your information will be up to date, but you can also save yourself some time in manually updating everything when you make stock changes.

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