Check out our Magento extension

Check out our Magento extension

Attention Magento users!

Making the most of SKU Feeds just got easier

If you’re interested in uploading your product listings to SKUFeeds and you are currently using one of the biggest eCommerce hosting platforms, then doing so just got so much simpler. We here at SKUFeeds have created an extension tailored specially for you to help make your product submissions easier by letting you do everything straight from your Magento store. SKUFeeds export for Magento offers you extra features and support for your listings.

It helps by allowing you to generate and send you product feeds straight to SKUFeeds from your Magento admin panel. With added features to allow you to not only create, but modify your feeds.  You are able to tailor exactly what gets uploaded to our channels by adding and removing both products and categories from your existing store. So you select what goes in and what doesn’t without having to come to the SKUFeeds website. SKUFeeds accepts product uploads in the form of CSV file or XML feed. Once you have exported your products, they are then found in your SKUFeed product dashboard where they are distributed to our many free shopping channels.

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