Ecommerce events not to miss

Ecommerce events not to miss

Monitoring and learning from the constant changes within the industry of eCommerce can be difficult and with how fast and how often the industry changes how can anyone be expected to keep up with these changes to ensure their business does not get left behind in the dust?

Luckily for those who cannot keep up with this constant change there are eCommerce events that showcase new innovative ideas all over the world, however travelling abroad can be costly so to save time and money, here are some events taking place in the United Kingdom.

Home Delivery World Europe 2017

Delivery is a huge part of running an eCommerce website, and although some sites offer a ‘reserve for in store collection’ option it is not the preferred method of receiving goods for most shoppers, and for eCommerce stores that have no physical stores on the high street it is an impossible service to provide. This is where home delivery comes in, an efficient way to get a product to a customer’s home within a matter of days. However there are still problems with the system, delivery times can always be improved and occasionally items are still getting lost or damaged during transportation.

For businesses looking to improve their delivery service there is the Home Delivery World Conference, in 2017 this conference will he held in London on the 28-29 of March and will have keynote speeches from established businesses such as Adolfo Dominguez, American Apparel and Argos. The two day event will cover subjects such as collaboration through the supply chain, free delivery possibilities, customer service, returned goods, delivery for multiple industries, online food delivery and many more. This conference is perfect for any company looking to improve or even revolutionise their delivery system and provide a higher quality of service for its customers.

eDelivery EXPO 2017

There is more to delivery than the transportation itself. There are many forms of delivery from delivery to a work or home address to click and collect and all of them require a solid background team and operation to fulfil the huge amount of orders and reservations correctly and keep an accurate check on stock.

Since this is such an important aspect of delivery the eDelivery EXPO is the perfect event for businesses looking to improve their strategies. In 2017 running from the 5th to the 6th April, this EXPO covers topics such as delivery, click and collect, warehouse automation and strategy and handling systems. Including world-class speakers from companies such as Harrods, John Lewis and Ocado and many more. Giving professional well practised advice and solutions to common problems within the industry. This event is a good idea to attend for eCommerce websites that come across a lot of problems with their stock take, control and delivery processes, as it gives a first hand look into how other companies overcame the same obstacles. As well as speakers it offers a wide range of Exhibitions, on to one consultations and workshops to individually help businesses on their way with the help of experienced professionals.

Internet Retailing EXPO 2017

Ecommerce is not the only way to market a business, there are brands that choose to run their services over the internet on an online store, in person at physical shops on the high street, by using television adverts and allowing phone made orders and even sending out catalogues with order forms to be returned to the company. All of these kinds of retail have their benefits and disadvantages and not every business uses all of them. Whether a company uses one or all of these methods to run their business it is important to understand the market fully to make the most of a preferred kind of selling, but when multiple channels are being used, there needs to be a solid understanding of how those two or even five channels work together smoothly and effectively.

This is where internet retailing EXPO comes in, sharing the same dates and space as eDelivery EXPO it offers a very similar layout. Showcasing speakers, one to one ‘clinic’ advice and workshops, all slotted between interactive learning theatres and sessions. The aim of the event is to take a deeper look into the multichannel industry and its future, exploring previous and hopeful advances that can be made in the field while giving helpful tips along the way. Workshops and speeches take a new approach on eCommerce strategies and challenge every aspect of them, inspiring its 5,000+ visitors to make changes that could revolutionise their business.


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