Expected eCommerce trends for 2017

Expected eCommerce trends for 2017

Trends in eCommerce and consumer behaviour are ever changing and evolving at high speed, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with these trends and keep your business at the top of its game. The market is constantly being updated in terms of improvements in technology, logistics and innovative ideas and many customers have come to expect this, resulting in more specified and frequent demands, meaning the shopping experience for the customer is still at the forefront for eCommerce websites focus. If you’re getting lost in all the information available, here are some of the expected eCommerce trends for this year.

Mobile to dominate shopping

It should come as no surprise that mobile shopping will increase over the coming year, the device is being used more and more every year as a preference for online purchases due to its ability to be used anywhere and it any time. This may mean that functionality on mobile devices could be largely scrutinised on websites that don’t convert well from computer to mobile and actually lose online sales as a result. It could also mean that the standard for mobile engagement will rise with websites putting most of their concentration into improving and personalising their mobile websites to provide the best possible experience for customers on that particular device.

Chat bots to become more natural

So far websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Allo are introducing bots to help with shopping and customer service, this is due to and will play a large part in shoppers getting more used to talking to machines as time goes on, there is no longer a need for a human to be at the other side of the screen when they need help, and this could be spreading into not only problem solving but the shopping experience itself, being created to fit in with consumers natural behaviour and making the shopping experience feel more personal and smooth.

Artificial Intelligence to rise

With eCommerce giant Amazon and even google offering Artificial Intelligence in their shopping options it is wise to prepare for users that will be shopping in this way, for the time being however amazon and google will only connect to their own shopping networks, but if a company is selling through these channels they should be expecting to deal with a rise in this kind of shopping and do their best to accommodate their customer’s shopping journey as to not get left behind in the movement. It is also likely to expect other kind of personal assistants such as online personal shoppers, again as customers get increasingly used to talking to software rather than a human.

Mobile payment to increase

With the rise in mobile shopping there was bound to be a huge success in the new innovation of mobile contactless payments, which so far there has been. With mobile payments accounting for a large amount of payments in stores that offer it as an option and a slight rise in revenue of those that do there is likely to be a huge push for this form of payment throughout 2017. It can also be used to collect more customer data than before to aid with future store improvements and build relationships with clients in a way unavailable before but only if done properly with a benefit to the customer themselves as well as the company they are shopping with.

Personalization and customization more important

The amount of data now available to companies on their customers due to behavioural analysis is incredible, however this is likely to mean a rise in the amount of eCommerce stores that will use this data to personalise their customers shopping experience to suit them. This may mean that personalised offers, deals and product advertisement may have a huge push behind it this year as companies battle to make their customers feel like they can offer them the best experience for them by showing them products based on what they already buy.

Same-day delivery more common

As more eCommerce websites strive for faster delivery customers have come to get used to this speedy service and can be put off quickly by an extended delivery time as one of the biggest concerns for online shoppers is delivery times. This could see the rise in local drop off points for customer convenience as well as a huge rise is the amount of online stores willing to offer some form of same day delivery as the importance around delivery efficiency rises.

The pop-up to suffer

As one of the least preferable kinds of advertising from the customer’s point of view due to blocking their view of content and interrupting their experience, some say the pop-up is looking to suffer this year, as better and more innovative advertising techniques are being discovered and adapted it seems they may be able to push the pop-up off many websites in favour of more subtle but targeted advertising.

Payment options to expand

As more payment methods hit the market such as Amazon pay, Google wallet and PayPal, it can be expected that eCommerce websites with more choice in payment methods will get more sales, as uncertainty of the safety of online card payments rises alongside that of online security. This insecurity in entering card details may drive many customers to avoid this kind of payment at all costs, and only consider websites that offer a viable alternative.

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