Frequently Asked Questions

How can SKU Feeds help my business?

SKU Feeds was created to help eCommerce businesses of all sizes grow and ultimately increase sales. The easy-to-use platform allows you to submit your product feeds and share them across free shopping channels which in return will help increase the awareness of your brand and your products, improve the traffic to your website, help promote your brand and products and most importantly help you increase sales.

How does SKU Feeds work?

SKU Feeds uses a very clever and easy-to-use feed distribution. SKU Feeds has partnered with a variety of free to use shopping channels that allow you to submit your products via CSV or XML Feed. Once you are signed-up to SKU Feeds you will be able to submit your product feeds in one go which well then be categorised and sent to the shopping channels. All of the products are attached with a direct link that send all shoppers back to your eCommerce store for checkout (increasing your traffic and conversions/sales). SKU Feeds and it’s partnered shopping channels will not take a commission or charge for any sales you earn using our service.

Can I integrate SKU Feeds with my website?

SKU Feeds can be easily integrated with all the top eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Prestashop and WooCommerce. All of these platforms have export functions already built in which works perfectly with SKU Feeds. If you are already using something like Google Shopping you can easily submit your products via a feed. If you do not use any of these platforms, don’t worry! As long as you can produce a product CSV from your shopping cart then you can easily submit your products to SKU Feeds.

How does SKU Feeds process payments?

SKU Feeds processes all of its payments via PayPal. If you sign up to one of our pay monthly subscription plans you will be charged via PayPal on a monthly basis. If you are a member of our Affiliate Program you can find more information regarding affiliate payments here.

How do I create a CSV?

Most eCommerce platforms will allow you to export a CSV with all of the information to get started on SKU Feeds. If you need some additional help on what is needed in the CSV we have created a CSV Template for you to follow.

Where are my products submitted to?

SKU Feeds will only submit your products to trusted partnered channels that do not impose extra charges on merchants. We are partnered with a large variety of sites including price comparison engines, coupon and voucher sites and social shopping channels. You can see a full list of our partnered channels here, we are always working on adding new channels to our service, for no extra cost to you!

Do you offer custom subscriptions for larger stores?

Yes! If you have taken a look at our Pricing Options to only discover we don’t have the right subscription available. Please don’t worry…
We are happy to offer bespoke pricing for our customers and we can design a custom subscription plan that will help your business best, we value all of our customers and are devoted to making sure that everyone can make the most out of the SKU Feeds Service. If you would like more information on our Warehouse Plan or other bespoke pricing options please contact one of the friendly account managers via the Contact Page.

What is my Product Dashboard for?

As a member of SKU Feeds you will have access to your very own Product Dashboard. You can use the dashboard to view and upload all of your products, set currencies, create coupon codes and many other great personalised features which will all help you make the most out SKU Feeds. If you need some help setting up or navigating around your dashboard feel free to talk to one of our friendly team members here.

How can I partner with SKU Feeds?

If you are interested in becoming a partner with SKU Feeds we currently have several options available.

Become a Partner – Are you a Digital Marketing Agency? eCommerce Development Service? Online Marketing Master? If you have eCommerce clients who you feel can benefit from the services SKU Feeds provides than why not sign-up to our Partner Service. Our Partner Service gives you many great benefits such as full support and free extensions from our team, find out more here.

Join Our Affiliate Program – If you are interested in promoting our services and helping other eCommerce businesses grow whilst earning some fantastic commissions you can join our Affiliate Program here.

Join Our Channel List – Own a shopping channel, price comparison site, voucher code site or discount coupon site? Contact us today about joining our Channel List and have great products, content and offers sent automatically to your website or shopping channel.

How do I cancel my subscription with SKU Feeds?

Here at SKU Feeds we don’t do contracts, which means you are able to cancel your subscription with us at any time. If you feel like you have reached the end of your journey with us or you have not been satisfied with the SKU Feeds service you can select Cancel Membership from your account page.

Still need some help...

If you have not found the answers you were looking for in this section, or have a specific question or request please feel free to speak to our team via our Contact Page. One of our dedicated team members will get back in touch with you and try their best to deal with any requests.