Gaining more regular website traffic

Gaining more regular website traffic

Whether an eCommerce store is old or new it can be challenging getting new traffic through the door that will actually spend a reasonable amount of time on the website, let alone make a purchase. It is an unfortunately reality that many people will not find your website at all and those that do are unlikely to stay longer than a couple of seconds unless they instantly see something that catches their eye. This can become incredibly frustrating when a lot of time and money has gone into building not only the website but the entire business behind it. However when targeting the right audience and taking the right approaches, there are things you can do to get the levels of traffic your brand has always dreamed of without a huge price tag.

Vary website content

Whatever kind of store you are running, be sure to utilise different kinds of content to keep the attention of anyone who ends up on your website. This means using good quality and appealing photos or videos on the homepage and product pages to make products look better and more appealing. Videos in the form of product demos also give the customers a better all around look at products and can be placed on product pages, just be sure they are not slowing your website down as this could end up being counterproductive.

Other kinds of content you could create can come under a blog, start writing blog posts, creating infographics, how to guides and even podcasts that can be posted and viewed on a separate part of your website away from your store. This content not only give your website more searchable terms due to blog titles, but also gives customers something to do on your website when they are not interested in shopping with you. Be sure all content is suitable and relates to topics your audience will find interesting, use your company’s knowledge of the industry to give a reliable insight and build up a source of good content. If you are starting to create blog orientated content you will also need to talk in a way that matches your customers, if you are an upscale and formal company it will pay off using formal and descriptive language whereas if you are a more informal brand, being causal and entertaining is much better.

Utilise on page seo

A good way to get traffic is to rank well in search engines so people find your website to begin with. This can be achieved partially by tailoring your content specifically for search engines by using a variety of techniques that they will recognise and praise your store for. Be sure to incorporate things such as internal links, image alt text and fill in meta descriptions to give search engines something to help understand your website. Another thing you can do to make your website easier to understand is make sure that your URL’s are as clear as possible, not using random numbers or symbols or being unnecessarily long. Instead use short and clear phrases that are easy to retype by hand.

For even higher rankings keywords should be used effectively. Add required keywords in headings, titles and product names wherever possible,the higher up a page you add a keyword the better. If you can even add a pages main keyword in its URL it would be beneficial for its rankings, just try not to obviously overuse them as potential customers are likely to be put off. In addition to this for when these changes bring in visitors, make sure your site runs well. Sort out any problems with page speed and incompatibility with mobile as Google now penalises websites who do not have a fully responsive design. The penalty you receive could undo all the work you put in adding metadata and keywords to your website to try to make responsiveness a priority. These are some of the main things that will help search engines to navigate your site easier and boost your rankings.

Look for long keywords

Single keywords are good, they will almost definitely be picked up in searches by customers and will be some of the most popular keywords you can find. But their frequent use means that they can be incredibly hard to rank for as their broad usage means there is a lot of competition for each one. An example of this is a shoe store trying to rank for a keyword such as the word ‘shoes’ many people will search it each day, but a huge amount of stores would also be using this keyword so the chances of your website coming out in the first few results without extreme costs would be incredibly low. This is when keywords become too expensive to rank for, as it becomes too much work for too little pay off.

Instead try longer keywords, tailor them to be more specific to what you are selling on your website. Using phrases that are likely to be searched by your customers or phrases that are already commonly used to find you are your best bet. As these kinds of tailored phrases are bringing in customer who are looking for exactly what you are selling. For example, using the keyword phrase ‘blue heeled shoes’ to get to a section on your website for blue heeled shoes will get more positive hits than the word ‘shoes’ as everyone who uses this keyword phrase is looking for exactly what you are providing them with, blue heeled shoes. You may even end up with a conversion if you have something that catches their eye.

Add internal links

Always be sure to get links to your website from other websites, the more trusted the domains they are from the better. Spammy domains will unfortunately do nothing for your rankings or your traffic, whilst good domain names will bring both of those things up. Whilst it is important to get these links to other websites for both traffic and relationship building reasons, it is also important to add links in within your own site to. Find relevant places to link within your website such as from one page to another that links to it, for example if a page full of trousers mentions shoes, then link to your pages of shoes. Try not to internally link too much or unnecessarily as this could have a negative effect.

With all internal links it is important that they blend in well to your existing content. For example if you are linking one blog to another, put the link text within a paragraph so it does not look out of place. This kind of linking not only improves SEO rankings, but it also provides your audience with an easy way to navigate around your website and keep them on pages for longer. This is because they will not have to search for pages that relate to the topic or product they are currently looking up, as you have placed a handy link ready for them to click if they want to. Making your content easy to find and get back to later on.

Start advertising

Do your best to start advertising on websites relevant to yours as these are likely to have the most suitable audience for you to tap into. Just make sure you’re not trying to advertise with your competitors, as this is likely to not go down well at all. Instead try find websites or blogs with similar themes, something that your audience will find interesting or look up frequently. Advertising of forums that are frequently used by your target audience is even better. Try to use banners and links, getting them placed wherever you can so they will be seen and utilised by potential customers.

Alongside your normal advertising, you can also run a re targeting campaign to pull back some old traffic you had that never quite made it to becoming a customer. These people do not need to be organically advertised to as they have already seen your website and know who you are, essentially their interest in you has already been shown. With these kinds of adverts it is key to show them something they wouldn’t have seen on their last visit, something that will give them incentive to return. Whether you offer them some more in depth information, a cheaper deal or even a better product use whatever you can that may interest them enough to purchase with you. Both of these forms of advertising are likely to bring in traffic, whether it may be lost customers or new ones.

Have an email marketing list

Build up an email marketing list to retain those customers you once had. Keep them coming back by sending them emails full of content they cannot say no to and that also happen to be filled to the brim with links to the many great features on your site. Invite them in with good products, new products, deals, coupon codes, new content from your blog and even competitions. There is a huge selection of content you can offer to them to re spark their interest in your brand and bring them back to your website. The important thing is to communicate with them and offer them things they may be interested in, as with all of your content.

Email them when a season approaches with your new themed products if applicable and tailor each email to them wherever you can. Do it by adding their name into the email rather than simply using their email address and feeling like a stranger. You can make it more personal by sending them product suggestions based off their previous shopping habits and asking how they found their recent experience purchasing with you (if they had one.) Overall the aim is to make them feel like they have benefitted from signing up to your emails, whether it be from tips and information or exclusive deals and early access to new products. Keeping them involved is more likely to get them returning to shop with you again.

Get on social media

Finally build your company a presence up on social media. Not only will it mean you can engage with your customer in a more informal way, it also opens the door to finding new customers that otherwise may never have heard of you. The beauty of social media platforms is that they allow you to find targeted followers, so you will be posting to the right kind of people as long as you can get them interested enough to follow you off their own back. Grab their attention with engaging content, use photos and run social media exclusive competitions to gain more exposure. Try to get as many posts as you can to link back to your website, whether it is to your product pages or blogs as this is the main way that people are going to find your store through following you.

Unfortunately posting content isn’t enough to build a large group of followers or potential website traffic. Make your brand look more reliable and friendly by interacting with the platform properly. Share content from relevant profiles and mention influencers within your industry so your content does not appear self centred and sales orientated. Join groups or make one of your own and be in the heart of discussions, comment on posts and help solve problems by answering questions. The bonds you will build with not only customers but people in your industry will pay off in the long run, and make people feel they can trust you enough as a reliable source.

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