Getting your brand to stand out in the crowd

Getting your brand to stand out in the crowd

For any brand, new or old learning to stand out within your industry crowd can be a massive headache, it may feel like your business is slipping into the shadows but there is a way for you to save it. Although here at SKU Feeds we will give your brand extra exposure, you need to put to work in to make your brand a memorable experience for customers who find you through our feeds, not sure how? Try something new! Whatever your business is currently doing clearly isn’t working, so if minor changes need to be made or even a complete overhaul of brand identity is in order there is always something out there for you to try. Just in case you’ve had no luck in finding these ideas so far, take a look at the ones we have picked out for you below.

Let customers know who you are

Create a story from the base of your business, use experience i your industry along with the tale of how your company came to be to give your brand a starting point and relatable point of view. Write your story in a way that represents your brand and suits your industry, but overall make sure it gives your audience a solid, well defined brand to buy into not just a good looking logo. Take your story and build upon it, use quotes from it within your branding, your blogs social media and even incorporate its theme into your website if you feel it is interesting enough. Most importantly use your story to promote and share your passion, connect with your audience and let them know that you had dreams similar to them and you worked hard to make them a reality, not only for you but for them too. After all, your clients are what keeps your business afloat and give it purpose to begin with.

Build a solid base for your business

Hire or work with talented people, build your business up from nothing or add to it by collaborating with people whose passion is a great as yours. A brand is only as good as the people behind it after all. Be sure all of your workforce are on the same page and are working toward the same company goal, this will help you to build a brand based around the ideas of amazing skills and work. Furthermore it will also show your audience that you are a serious business, or at least a business that is serious about delivering an excellent service to their customers while assuring them that any service or product they receive from you is going to be of the highest quality and you as a company will be proud to deliver it.

Make your brand clear

Showcase who you are, be proud of your brand and work to making it easily recogniseable. Pay close attention to any details in your brand design, be sure that all business cards, website graphics and social media graphics are in line and coordinate. Having different designs across platforms makes for an uneven brand identity, making it impossible for customers to recognise you. Just because things match doesn’t mean they look good, be sure your presentation is also the best it can be, present through your design and layout the care and effort that went into creating it. Pair this coordinated design with a overall business voice or personality that also features across all platforms and lines of communication and you’ve build up a brand that once noticed, is pretty hard not to recognise as you. Keeping the people who notice you interested however requires more work.

Play on your individuality

Take some time to think about why you do what you do and what your business does best. Look through your competitors website and business approaches and find out what you do differently. Pick out your personal quirks and use them to your advantage, play off them and incorporate them into your entire brand identity as this will help you stand out. Your quirks are what make you individual and what make customers choose you over anyone else so work on them, improve them and make a big deal of them if you can, turn them into something you can communicate about and portray in every part of your business. When done correctly it won’t be hard to see why your business is so great, and through doing this you should even be able to improve these individual strengths and make them even greater.

Be the best of your competition

Research what you clients want and look into how other businesses give that to them, then take the time to find a way your business can offer this to them in a different way, try to find an entirely fresh approach that suits your company and its brand. Use this to promote yourselves in an entirely different way to your competitors and as mentioned above, play on just what makes you so different. Confining yourself to following in the footsteps of others business plans and marketing methods in the hope of playing it safe is exactly what causes new and old businesses to disappear into the shadows, replaced by new forward thinking companies that put their individuality first.

Conquer social media

It can be tempting to jump right into social media and be involved in every platform there is going. But don’t, there is no requirement for your brand to use every platform available if they simply do not suit the way your business works or the services it provides. Choose and utilise those that are best for you, those that you can represent your brand on well, and that your client base also spend a large amount of time on. Social media isn’t always about your clients finding you, more often than not you will have to put your business in the right place to be found so don’t hesitate to cut off those unnecessary social media accounts, but whatever you do do not leave them viewable but dormant, nothing kills a social media presence more than an abandoned profile. When running the page keep in your followers memory by using a range of content that is relevant to both you and them, give your viewers what they want. Or if you’re feeling a little more innovative, what you feel they don’t know they want yet.

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