If you are using Magento then submitting your product feed to SKU Feeds is easy. Magento has export functions already built in and what’s more, if you are already using something like Google Shopping then you can easily submit your products via a feed.

Magento is considered the leading platform in open eCommerce innovations. Magento is recognised as one of the leading eCommerce platforms,
Winning multiple awards Magento proudly works with the world’s biggest retailers, brands and manufacturers from across a wide range of B2B and B2C industries.

SKU Feeds Export for Magento

As part of the SKU Feeds service we have created a dedicated Magento extension that allows you to generate and send your product feeds directly to SKU Feeds straight from your Magento Admin Panel. The extension allows you to easily create and modify your feeds by giving you the ability to choose which products and categories are included within the upload. All exports are then sent directly to your Product Dashboard within SKU Feeds which are then submitted across the free to use shopping channels.

Download the Official SKU Feeds Extension from your account login area – extension provided FREE on all paid plans

SKU Feeds accepts a basic CSV file or simple XML feed for uploading your products.
You can find the required CSV / XML structure within your account login area, just click ‘Sample XML / CSV’ in the left menu.
Alternatively if you wish to view the current CSV / XML sample but you don’t have an account, no problem – just contact us today!

Coming Soon

SKU Feeds Export for Magento 2

We are currently working on creating a SKU Feeds Export extension which is compatible with the latest versions of Magento 2.