Making the most of Youtube as a business

Making the most of Youtube as a business

With all the forms of social media available to a business it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your company. Luckily, each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, along with specific types of content that help narrow down your choices. A more uncommon but very engageable choice is Youtube. This platform is great for companies who don’t have a lot to say, but have a lot to show their customers. A steady stream of content is needed for any social platform, so if most of yours is made up[ on video content then Youtube may be the perfect place to showcase it to the world. Build up your brand and profile on Youtube and watch your engagement soar, of course there are things you can do to get the most possible out of your Youtube channel to give it a better chance at being a successful one.

Heavily brand

The first step towards a successful channel after creating your company Youtube profile is to brand it in any way you can. Your channel needs to undeniably belong to your brand, so any changes in layout and design will benefit from being altered, if only slightly. Add in your logo as a profile image and change the colour scheme to match your website as closely as possible. For further personalisation it is a good idea to add a cover photo, similar to what you would have as a Facebook or Twitter cover image. Let the cover photo tell the story of who your brand is or what it does, being straightforward with what your company can offer will clear up misconceptions for people who find your channel before your website. Add in a company description explaining further who you are and what you do as a business, don’t forget to add in what benefits your company has to prospective customers. Include some links to your website, any notable pages on it and your other social media links and you will have a profile that tells followers everything they could hope to know about you.

Secure resources

Before attempting to start filling your channel up with content, be sure you have all the relevant equipment and resources available for a consistent and steady flow of quality videos. This means having the right cameras, editing software, necessary props and workers experienced enough to shoot a video that is worth having online. Bad quality videos will reflect incredibly badly on your business when it comes to reliability and portraying your brand as a name of quality. If you have all the equipment you need, next you need to work on finding reasonable places to shoot such as rooms or outdoor spaces with good lighting and reasonable amounts of quiet, unless you are planning to shoot in a place with activity. Be sure your props and shooting spaces will be available as regularly as you will need them to ensure regular content can be created in time for weekly deadlines, otherwise channel subscribers may be lost due to lack of interest in waiting.

Build community

Build a sense of community with your customers by posting any work events that are particularly interesting, especially if they involve the community. Take videos from around the event, taking the time to stop at key parts such as a raffle, contest, act or speech being gives. Doing this gives those a chance who missed the event to watch it back and those who were there to look back on the event and possibly see themselves in the video. If events like this have already passed before creating your channel try posting one old event video every now and again as a look back at what your company has done i the ast, this not only tells a backstory o your brand but engages old customers that may have been involved in the event taking place. Create a hype around each video by advertising them wherever you can, on the page for the even or any other social media channels that are constantly talking about the event and picking up notice, as this will bring in a targeted audience to your Youtube channel.

Post updates

Keep your customers updated on new products by posting new product videos. These can be used to promote an upcoming product or as an extra way to showcase a recently released one. Link to the video from your website or even display it on their too through your channel to get an increase in awareness and views. These videos can cover everything from what the product is and how to use it, showcase the benefits of your awesome new product and each way it can be used to benefit your customers lives. Make it look as desirable as possible to bring in some interest, you may even get your video shared if it is posted to other social media platforms, which will bring in even more potential customers. In the description of these kinds of videos it is crucial to link to the product in your eCommerce store where available, if the product is not released yet, consider having a preorder page made on your website to link to, so people who show interest in the product can purchase theirs before it even comes into your store.

Post interviews

Where possible, to diversify content away from your company itself try adding in some interviews with influential people in your industry. Be sure the people you choose are interesting to your customers not just your company, otherwise viewers may simply find this kind of content boring and be put off by it before they even really get into your channel properly. These interviews can be about anything, a change in the industry, a brand you sell or even about a recent event that customers will be able to relate to. If you have noone to interview you could do open talks with people within your company to offer an inside look of the people your customers are buying from, with a big enough fan base you could even create videos that involve interviewing customers or letting them trial a product and give their opinions on it. These kind of product trials can be done in the street (with the right permissions) or at large events meaning multiple people can be involved.

Monitor channel

Engagement is a huge part of running a successful social media channel of any kind. On Youtube the main form of communication you will have with followers is in the comments section of your individual videos. Be sure to have someone ready to monitor this section regularly and reply appropriately to each. Personal and tailored responses work best, as they do not seem purposely copied from one person to the next. This person needs to be able to create and hold conversation with people who comment on company videos and answer any questions the viewers may have, whether they be important or simple. Some viewers may even post on videos with negative comments or problems they have with their company, be sure that these are dealt with swiftly and appropriately. Attempt to fix the commenters issue or try to understand their problem with your brand, if it is something you cannot excuse on your businesses part, offer an apology and some kind of offer to make up for the issue. Whatever comments your channel may receive it is important not to delete the negative comments you get, as this can make it look as if you are shaping the view of your brand the public gets and hiding any bad publicity about yourselves.


For an extra boost in google search rankings be sure to use SEO to optimise your channels videos. Use any targeted keywords you have both in the titles and descriptions of your videos, words that work best will be ones that are those likely to be searched to find the kind of content within your content. The closer to potential search terms you get, the more clicks the video will get from people who were searching for it. You can even try entering your businesses name if you wish for your videos to come up when people search for your business. The success of your channel can also be measured by monitoring things such as your video views, likes and favourites. Youtube analytics will also give you a decent insight into how your channel is affecting things such as the traffic flow to your website and sales that have come from people reaching your channel. Meaning you can have an accurate view of how well your Youtube channel is performing both in popularity and in creating conversions.

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