Maximising the productivity of marketing campaigns

Maximising the productivity of marketing campaigns

Setting out a good quality marketing campaign can do wonders for your business and its success. Reaching out to new people and getting new customers on board is beneficial for not only small but larger businesses too as both are constantly in need of new people through their metaphorical doors. But even a perfect marketing plan can end up having its flaws and constant work after it has been set in motion is needed in order to make the most out of any marketing campaign. There are many ways to maximise the effectiveness of marketing, how you utilise them depends on what suits your business best.

Test the waters

For marketing to be successful the platforms you are using have to be working for you. A great ad on a platform that none of your customers use is useless, it would be like putting a mechanics advertisement on a baking blog, it would be completely missing its key audience. Make the most of any kind of marketing to begin with (if your budget allows) or simply do some research as to where you customers are actually at if you don’t feel like spending the money to experiment. Try SEO, Banners / backlinks, Content marketing and social media and see what works for you. Each of these kinds of marketing have their different sectors also, social media has an extensive amount of platforms to try and content marketing has so many different forms of content to try, from blog writing to engaging videos. Try, evaluate and continue with your most effective form of advertising, just be sure to find where your customers are.

Loose ineffective ads

Once you know what kinds of advertising are most effective for your goals, run some genuine campaigns and see what kind of results you get. Try to narrow down and get rid of any advertising that is performing the way you would like it to, either get rid of the campaign completely or take a look into why it isn’t working, take a step back with promoting it and make some changes before launching it again. There are no point in continuously paying for ads that are not doing what you need them to, completely failing ads may need to be gotten rid of completely. Evaluating and cutting off campaigns in this way will not only save you wasted money, but also streamline your advertising campaigns to only the most effective ones you have. Which will increase your ROI as ads will be more targeted and yield better results. It also allows you to focus on the better, more helpful ads you find elsewhere.

Be specific

Your marketing may be performing well in certain places, whether this is due to your advertisements relevance or your brilliant creative skills, you can always get your ads and brand name shown in more desirable places more often. This can be done by simply being a little more specific with the kind of keywords that you bid on in Google search engine. Broad keywords are likely to be searched more often, but they will almost definitely be more expensive to bid on and with all the competition the likelihood of your links being seen even after bidding such large amounts of money is slim. Instead try being a little more specific, this way it will be cheaper to bid for the keyword phrases you use and this specialised approach will bring in better targeted customers that a broader phrase will. For example if you were a company selling phone cases and were trying you advertise your best selling item which is a blue glitter iPhone case, you would be less likely to get a sale if someone found you through the keyword phrase ‘Phone case’ than through the phrase ‘Blue glitter iPhone phone case’. This is because the first search could be someone looking for a case for a different design or different phone model entirely, but someone searching the second phrase would be looking for exactly what you’re selling so there is less chance of them being disappointed.

Improve ad quality

No matter how specific you are, if your ad wording or imagery doesn’t catch your audience’s eye in a sea of other text or banners then there’s no point running them. To be sure this does not happen work on making your ads to the best standard that you can. Be more creative and specific with your wording and make your imagery bright and attractive. Overall just spend some more time making a professional looking and eye catching banner that your audience will not be able to resist. Of course you have no solid idea of what your audience will like form the offset, so it is worth coming up with a few different designs or test sets and trying them all out, monitor how they each perform and after an allotted amount of time drop the worst performing adverts and go forward with the most successful of each type of campaigns. This way you spend less money promoting ineffective dull adverts and instead spent the majority of your time promoting engaging content.

Tailor advertisements

Engaging campaigns are great, but they’re even better when they are tailored specifically to your target audience. Be sure the language, ideas and imagery is attractive to the age range you are aiming for. For example, if you are promoting children’s toys, use bright primary colours and short to the point wording that will be interesting to parents and easy for children to pick up themselves but if you are promoting makeup brands, using toned down colours with a more professional feel and wording will fit better. You need to know who you are trying to sell to and what is expected of your product in its industry. Create data on what works best by utilising data you already have on your audience, such as previous advertisement engagement and buying behaviour, know what your most popular products are. With this information you can constructively decide what products to push in your advertisements and what layout of ads work best for your brand.

Encourage extra spending

Once your campaigns are up and running there isn’t much you can do to encourage more customers in, simply sit back and wait. But there are things you can do to make your advertising more worthwhile once it has pulled a customer in, such as attempting to increase the amount they spend with you. Boost your sale amounts by being sure to promote similar products on your website while they sit looking at others, but be sure they are relevant. Promoting products a customer has no interest in will have little or no effect and may even put them off. Or even offer deals for first time buyers such as a percentage off once they spend a certain amount. If you don’t feel like giving percentage discounts after paying for your advertising, try offering free shipping instead. Either one will likely interest a shopper and give them the urgency to buy multiple products from your website in one go rather than leaving to return to purchase them another time or going to buy them somewhere else.

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