Partner Setup

Are you a Digital Marketing Agency? eCommerce Development Service? Online Marketing Master? then you are in the right place!

If you have eCommerce clients who you feel can benefit from the services SKU Feeds provides then why not sign-up to our Partner Service.
Our Partner Service can allow you to receive full support from our team and gain FREE access to our marketing materials and official extensions.

As a Partner you and your clients will receive full, unrivalled support from our team to ensure your clients are set-up correctly and are ready to go.

As a SKU Feeds Partner you can help your clients begin to grow their brands and increase the awareness of their products and of course,
most importantly, you can begin to help your clients increase their eCommerce sales.

As a Partner you will receive FREE “how-to” guides and marketing materials which you can use to help promote and explain the benefits of the SKU Feeds services to your clients.

You can also earn some great revenue as a partner via our Affiliate Program, every time you refer a new client to one of our services we will pay you a commission.
This commission recurs every month your clients hold an active membership with SKU Feeds.

Key Features

Full 24/7 Support
Receive full support from our team for you and your clients.

Earn Revenue
Earn great revenue when you refer your clients to one of our services.

Free Extensions
Gain access to our official extensions for FREE.

Free Marketing Materials
Receive FREE marketing materials to help promote SKU Feeds to your clients.

Free Initial Setup
Ready, Set, Go! Our team will ensure your clients are set up correctly for FREE.

Free “How-To” Guides
Receive FREE, helpful “how-to” guides directly from SKU Feeds.

Contact us today and start sharing the benefits of SKU Feeds with your clients…