Shop Listings – Now Available

Shop Listings – Now Available

Here on SKU Feeds we aim to give you maximum exposure for your products by listing them on to multiple shopping platforms where they can be viewed and linked back to your website for purchase. Previously, we’ve provided the option for you to list your products, this is great when there are shoppers out there who know exactly what they’re looking for as if you sell it, they will find it. But what about those customers who are just generally searching? That’s where our new shop listings come in.

These kinds of listings allow you to list your website as a whole to channels, rather than your product listings. Again, this service will allow you to place your website on each of these channels at once, meaning you still don’t have to be worrying about applying to all websites separately and consuming your time. The benefit of this is that it is even more exposure for your brand, meaning you are more likely to be found. Better yet you will not need to make any changes to your account as it will be automatically updated for you.

Our lists will only get bigger, which is even better for you as it means the possibilities and exposure will continue to grow. For now, we are currently offering this service with well established sites such as Quora, Issuu, Tucando and many more, to ensure your listing is seen in association with trusted names.

A little bit about some of our shop listing websites:


With Quora businesses are able to open lines of communication with both other businesses and potential clients and also helps improve communication skills as a brand. Keeping you up to date on and increasing awareness of your industry it helps brands stay up to date. Overall the platform helps build up a brand presence and the more built up your profile is, a reputation as a reliable source.


On Issuu you can create your own business page and informational strip, both are fully branded with a verbal message of your choice. Information strips can be displayed on the homepage next to suggested publications and business page is used as a loading page for any publication owned or submitted by you. Interested readers will be directed to your website and you can offer promotions. As well as this you can sponsor a category page on the website, which will give you even more exposure for your brand.


A platform that lets you list your business alongside others, Smartguy has a community atmosphere. Connecting you to 200 referring businesses all over the world. It allows you to find local customers whilst offering automated referrals between companies. Their aim is that money they save businesses in advertising, can go towards them dropping prices for customers. Once signed up they create you your own personal web page that allows reviews and company information such as videos, maps and any relevant images. All details can be shared to social media and the consistent use of a brand image helps make your company even more noticeable.


Tucando has three main uses / features that users can take advantage of. Overall, offers a Business directory, Business Network and Selling section. All of which allow you to create fully customised pages including photos and content. They conveniently communicate brand information through layout and specialised toucan icons. It is a great platform for search engine rankings, making business connections and promoting your sales and events. With options to place and respond to ads and advertise your events to relevant people.

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