Types of video content for marketing

Types of video content for marketing

When it comes to creating marketing content for your business, it can be easy to spend all of your time posting images and writing blogs, expecting the engagement to come simply from being interested enough to spend the time reading your captions and text. But is that really the best way to gain as much engagement as possible? Whilst it may work fine for many businesses, if you are looking for something that connects to your audience on an entirely different level then it may be worth looking into using video content too. This kind of content encourages engagement as it offers more to a viewer with less effort required on their part, they do not have to read a wall of text or image caption, but they still get a visually engaging experience whilst receiving all of the information they need. What more could anyone want?

However, for many companies a problem occurs when it comes to actually creating video content. You may have a great studio set up ready for filming, all the equipment, props and animators you could ever need, but if you have no content ideas then nothing will be achieved. Luckily, there are many forms of video content for every business to explore, meaning you can find one or a handful that fit in well with the kind of brand you are and use them to create the kind of content that will build up the credibility and personality of your brand. Below are a few of the most common types of video marketing content, there may just be something there that you can incorporate into your content creation strategy.

Informational content

Depending on the kind of company you are creating content for, videos with informational content can be incredibly beneficial for building up relationships with your customers and solidifying your reputation as a reliable company within your industry. Showcasing your expertise in your field and teaching your audience something they did not know, but have been searching to understand. Put your information across in a personalised, engaging way by breaking complicated subjects down into parts and explaining it with a little bit of your company’s personality within the video. Simply give your audience the information they want to know in a way that relates to them, whatever format that may be whether it be animated or through a live professionally edited video. Keep in mind that although it is informational content, it must also be interesting enough to keep people watching, otherwise it will become a waste of both your time and theirs.

Tutorials and how to’s

Every eCommerce business has a product or service they want to sell or promote, otherwise why would you be making promotional content? So why not utilise videos to show potential customers a more in depth look at what you have on offer by making things such as a product how to video. Take a popular product or one that has many questions asked about it and answer them through your explanation, showcase things such as how to use your product, what its purpose is, how to set it up and simply how to get the most out of it. These kinds of videos allow your potential customers to see your products in action before they make any kind of financial commitment with your brand. Allowing them to make a judgement on your product based off actually seeing it in action. Of course, it pays to make your product look as good as possible in these videos, but all information needs to be factual as in any kind of advertisement you make, so take the time to show your product in a good light without embellishing its uses a little too much.

Product reviews

Once you have videos that show how you see your products, it doesn’t hurt to have some that are from the point of view of your real customers. If possible, get your existing customers to sit down with you and give their opinion on their brand, if they are happy to be on camera then even better. This kind of involvement not only shows your customers that you care what they have to say about your brand, but also shows potential customers a non bias view of your products and services that they can put a little more faith into. If you are able to get customers involved in this kind of way you have a choice in how you want to present the content to your audience. Whether you want to build testimonials up over time and have an occasional compilation of your customers opinions, or want to post them individually at regular intervals as much shorter videos. The choice you make entirely depends on your company’s preference and the kind of audience you are trying to appeal to, as not one audience is the same as another.

Live videos

Another great way to show your customers that you are a company that cares is to showcase yourself as a group of people, not just a brand name. Choose a particularly engaging employee to do a live video on whatever topic suits you and get them to speak in first person to your audience live. This can be done both through your website or through social media platforms, however with the growth in popularity of live videos on social media, doing these videos through your company profile may be the most effective method. They great thing about live videos is the speed on engagement they can provide, they allow the person filming to see and verbally respond to comments viewers leave in real time, meaning questions can be answered and their opinion can be asked for as the video goes on. Engaging with viewers by asking what their thoughts are, and asking what they want to see is a great way to get the most out of live videos as it creates content that is interesting to them, especially when they can immediately influence it.

Company events

If your company hosts occasional or regular events, try having someone film the event for you. Show your customers who couldn’t be there around the venue in a well put together video that is easy to share and engage with. Good editing is crucial for a video of this kind, as often not much explanation is needed, instead they are made up on engaging visuals and suitable soundtrack to accompany them. Use these videos to showcase the main features of the festival, subtly place your logos in some of the shots and show your now well known employees getting involved or engaging with customers. Wherever something interesting is happening, make sure you catch it on film you never know what you may want to end up in the final video you publish. The point of company event videos is not just to show people around your event but also to show them your working community. Reinforcing again that you care about your customers and like to get them as involved as possible in the business you are pushing to them.

Behind the company

If your audience has so far been reacting well to finding out more about who your company are as people and engaging with the people behind it, then you may just pull off a ‘behind the scenes’ company video as part of your content. Again showcasing that you are a group of people not just a brand name by giving them an insight as to what it is like to work at your company. Showing them around the office, letting them meet your employees, giving them a good idea of where their favourite products come from and getting them involved in whatever kind of office humour or community you have going on within your offices. Showing them that you are lighthearted and are a company that get along well behind closed doors can to a lot for the relationship between a company and its customers. So not only would this content serve as entertainment, but i would also strengthen the bonds you have with your existing customers is the video is received well by your audience.

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