What makes Zalando and amazon so successful

What makes Zalando and amazon so successful

Zalando and Amazon, you may have heard of both but almost definitely one, two of the most successful eCommerce platforms in the fashion industry appear to be fighting for the top spot, but what makes them so successful?

Zalando is a well known fashion eCommerce platform founded in Germany in 2008 and since has started operations in a further fourteen countries across Europe. Their wide spread of presence throughout the globe does a lot for their success, being a common household name in multiple countries. Starting as an online shoe store Zalando furthered its success by expanding to specialise in clothing and various other fashion items as well as shoes. They sell many premium products through having pairings with multiple brands such as Topshop, a huge UK retailer. As well as their huge presence and quality products Zalando are greatly helped in success by their policies such as free and fast shipping with a 90 day return if dissatisfied, their recent launch in the UK in 2011 lead to their products delivery being handled by yodel, a very well known delivery service within the country furthering their reliability.

Amazon however is a company founded July 1994 in Washington, originally started as an online bookstore, later moving on to sell a wider range of products including electrical items, furniture, toys, jewellery and apparel. This diversified stock gives Amazon an advantage over Zalando as it provides them with a target market that is much wider providing more chances for sales. Regarding Amazons place in the fashion industry it currently stocks 4 of the top 20 female clothes brands in the UK, however this is a disadvantage in comparison to Zalando as they currently stock 9 of the same top 20 brands. Amazon also falls low on policies, unlike Zalando they cannot provide free delivery but they do offer a 30 day return policy on their items, which is still only a third of Zalandos. Despite their downfalls in service in comparison to Zalando, Amazon do offer a good reliable service, offering returns and refunds where applicable, reliable customer service and multiple choices of delivery, next day free delivery for amazon prime customers. They also frequently have cheaper items, as a large percentage of their quality brands are sold at discount prices, offering quality apparel at low prices.

Both Amazon and Zalando’s success can be accredited to both their global coverage and their diverse quality stock. Both platforms offer great policies and service, fast and efficient service seems to be what is keeping these companies way ahead of others in the same market.

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